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Yet what both types of people can agree on is the universal hatred for driving in these extremes. Although, it could be argued that having to endure what seems like hours shivering in your car as the heating slowly turns on gives it a run for its money.

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Imagine life without this unpleasant element of your daily commute. Remote car starter systems alleviate any possibility of driving damaging the perks of your favorite season. First up, Avital Remote Start Systems puts other car starter systems to shame with their high-tech developments.

The two remotes both possess unique AUX outputs and boost range due to being combined with a Superhet receiver. A wide variety of features are available; such as lock, unlock, remote start, and even a trunk release. An optional anti-grind relay ensures that your system is secure by preventing the starter system from engaging if your ignition key accidentally switched to the start position during remote start operation. This incredible product is ideal for adventurers and non-adventurers alike.

Alternatively, you could even be walking back to the parking lot after a big game and, having spent the last few hours outside in the freezing cold, desire a little comfort. High-tech text screen on LCD display allows the control of twenty-four different functions on two cars. The system, as well as being multi-operational, allows two separate vehicles to be controlled on just the one remote provided that the same Crimestopper remote start system is equipped in them both. On this note, this system is designed to work in automatic or manual transmission vehicles including diesel, hybrid or gas engines.

The several options of starting up, stopping, locking, and unlocking your vehicle from as far as feet away.

Viper is security and convenience for your modern lifestyle.

And for all you the tech nerds out there, the Rockford-Fosgate app allows for the remote start of your vehicle and can even locate your car! Both secure and sophisticated, the Crimestopper is the way forward. Yet for an incredible price, it offers everything your average Joe needs and more! Seasoned DIYers rave about how simplistic this car starter was to install with the support from both the manual and numerous sources online. Afterwards, its countless features, which range from the smartphone control to keyless entry, are available in abundance.

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  6. For well under one-hundred pounds, the feet range that this model offers is nothing short of spectacular. How can a remote work efficiently with only one button available? The keyless buttons available on the screen are specifically constructed so no button can accidentally be pressed. What makes this product even more desirable is the availability of outputs for optional Horn and Anti-Grind relays.

    Compustar DC3 vs iDatastart HC Series Remote Starters - What's the difference?

    Worried about installation? Avital has you covered. Several easy-to-follow manuals are available online and, similar to their other designs, the Virtual Tach invalidates the need for a tach wire. Although this product is a little on the pricier side, we promise that this remote car starter is worth its weight in gold. You can be sure that every instruction will be followed by the horn honks. This nifty feature encourages the user to feel even more secure that their car will be a suitable temperature upon their arrival. We recommend seeking professional help to install this set, as buyers often complain about the instructions provided being impossible to follow.

    However, considering how cheap this product is for the quality you get back, we believe that this cost is a price worth paying. This remote start system is packed with goodies that just keep on giving. Our personal favorites have to be the countless security features on offer.

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    If there is a breach in your system, several vibrations, icon displays, and tones are activated to inform you of any changes. Another incredible security feature that this gem of a remote start has to offer is Silent Mode. A pretty nice feature to avoid annoying the neighbours if your car regularly allows any small bump to set it off! Several buyers when first stumbling across this remote start are instantly scared off by the lofty price. For those who find other car starter remotes to be bleak and dull, Viper adds a splash of color into theirs by providing a x pixel high contrast panel with MHz Spread Spectrum Technology.

    Does this feature just seem too good to be true? The real-time security system ensures that the user is made aware of any changes by identifying the name of the developing zone and displaying a unique icon in the Status Screen.

    What to Consider When Buying a Remote Car Starter

    The only prevalent complaint buyers have is that the keypad buttons work too well. Attractive full-color interface display with K and 65K full colors, incorporated with an anti-glare polarizer for easier daytime usage. Built-in information center displays vehicle interior temperature and remote start run-time remaining. Rookies of the car starter world simply do not understand why prices for clickers vary to such an extent.

    Depending on your primary concern - whether that be temperature, security, or both - the clicker you choose may be a little pricier than the other. Nonetheless, there is a lot to consider when purchasing your first remote car starter. Do you live in a moderate environment and therefore, would be happy starting up your car when strolling from your house to your vehicle? Or, do you want to be able to start up your car from the comfort of your home to save yourself from the winter chill? Depending on their price, all car remote starters are equipped with differing ranges.

    When making your final decision, don't just consider the walk from your house to your car - think about all the places you frequent on a daily basis such as the mall, the shops, and your work.

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    As cool and high-tech as remote car starters have become, it's always recommended to possess a back-up manual option if technology - as it unfortunately often does - decides to go haywire. Before purchase, check that your remote car start comes equipped with a cut-off switch under the hood. This way, anytime the hood of your motor is open for any maintenance and repair, any potential injuries can be prevented by manually switching off the starter beforehand.

    We strongly suggest sacrificing some hard-earned cash to employ a qualified technician to do the job.